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PID121 Knowledge Work Productivity Measurement for Software Development Process in SMEs
Mohd Zairol Yusoff, Malaysia
PID128 Knowledge Map for kXpert: Humanising the Quest of Finding Experts
Shahrinaz Ismail and Afifah Aliah Ahmad Suhaimi, Malaysia
PID131 Personalized Microlearning Resources Generation and Delivery: A Framework Design
Shin-Yan Chong, Fang-Fang Chua and Tek-Yong Lim, Malaysia
PID133 Knowledge Creation in Malaysia: a SWOT analysis
Tung Soon Seng and Magiswary Dorasamy, Malaysia
PID135 Survey on vulnerability of 4G/LTE network security and improvements
Alyaa Ghanim Suliaman and Zahraa Mazin Taha Alkattan, Iraq
PID136 Updated DeLone and MacLean IS Success Model and Commercial Open Source Software (COSS) Company Success
Shimels Diriba Garomssa, Rathimala Kannan and Ian Chai, Malaysia
PID137 Trust, Commitment, Motivation and Knowledge Sharing Behaviour Among Business Service Professionals
Mohd Misron Omar, Romiza Md Akhir, Noor Raihan Ab Hamid, Yasmin Mohd Misron and Kamilia Mohd Misron, Malaysia
PID145 Students’ Acceptance of Automated Essay Scorer-Reflection on an Initiative to Mitigate Disruption to Writing Lessons during Pandemic
Mohammad Radzi Bin Manap, Norkhairi Ahmad and Zulkarnin Zakaria, Malaysia
PID146 An Image-based Fall Detection System using You Only Look Once (YOLO) Algorithm to Monitor Elders’ Fall Events
Koh Zhen Long, Hazlina Haron, Maizura Ibrahim and Zeti Darleena Eri, Malaysia
PID147 Monopoly-based Game with Augmented Reality Intervention in Higher Education
Noradila Nordin, Nur Rasyidah Mohd. Nordin and Wafa Omar, Malaysia
PID149 The Influence of Crisis Response on Social Interaction and Public Resilience Based on Importance-Performance Map Analysis (IPMA)
Umar Ali Bukar, Marzanah A. Jabar, Fatimah Sidi, Rozi Nor Haizan binti Nor and Salfarina Abdullah, Malaysia
PID151 The Design of ScI-oTLS: An Internet of Things Platform to Support Collaborative Learning for Science subject in Primary School
Logadarshinni Maratha, Khairul Shafee Kalid and Wan Fatimah Wan Ahmad, Malaysia
PID152 Challenges in Implementing Online Language Assessment-A Critical Reflection of Issues faced amidst Covid 19 Pandemic
Norkhairi Ahmad, Ina Suryani Ab Rahim and Salawati Ahmad, Malaysia
PID154 Test Case Quality: Issues and Limitations in Agile Software Development
Samera Obaid Barraood, Haslina Mohd and Fauziah Baharom, Yemen
PID157 Impact of knowledge management, financial resource, innovation, and foreign direct investment on entrepreneurship
Hui-Shan Lee, Shyue-Chuan Chong, Bik-Kia Sia, Ying-Chyi Chou and Wen-Xiu Li, Malaysia
PID158 Strategies to Enhance Commercialisation Activity: Researcher Perspective
Nabilla Afzan Abdul Aziz; Nurshafiza Ismail and Arif Hartono, Malaysia
PID160 Insights of Research Commercialisation through University Technology Transfer Office
Nurshafiza Ismail, Nabilla Afzan Abdul Aziz and Arif Hartono, Malaysia
PID162 Sentiment Analysis of Arabic Tweets on the Great March of Return using Machine Learning
Saad Tareq Daher, Ashraf Yunis Maghari and Hussam Fares Abushawish, Palestine
PID163 Predictive Analytics on University Student Dropouts from Online Learning Due to MCO
Md Erfan Sultan, Mohd Norshahriel Abd Rani, Nabilah Filzah Mohd Radzuan and Lim Huay Yen, Malaysia
PID165 Assessing the Readiness of Higher Education Institution (HEI) in Malaysia to Accept Generation Alpha using Predictive Analytics
Tan Lik Wei, Mohd Norshahriel Abd Rani and Nabilah Filzah Mohd Radzuan, Malaysia
PID168 A Comparison Study of Software Testing Activities in Agile Methods
Samera Obaid Barraood, Haslina Mohd and Fauziah Baharom, Yemen
PID169 Analysis of Space Management Following the Successful Transformation of the Malaysia Agriculture Expo Park Serdang (MAEPS) Into a Low Risk COVID-19 Quarantine and Treatment Centre
Siti Aisyah Muhammad, Tengku Fauzan Tengku Anuar, Nur Athmar Hashim and Hequan Zhang, Malaysia
PID173 A Review on Usability Requirements of Visually Impaired Users for Accessible E-book Applications
Munya Saleh Ba Matraf, Nor Laily Hashim and Azham Hussain, Yemen
PID174 Knowledge management in pandemics: Design and Implementation of Social Distancing Mobile Application
Rabi Mustapha, Muhammed Auwal Ahmed and Muhammad Aminu Ahmad, Nigeria
PID175 Data Visualization for Multimedia Super Corridor Malaysia using Dot Distribution Maps
Mohd Suffian Sulaiman, Amira Yasmin Raimey and Azri Azmi, Malaysia
PID178 “Do you trust me?” - The Outlook of Belief, Desire and Intention in the Fourth Industrial Revolution
Shahrinaz Ismail, Nordiana Jamaludin and Salama A Mostafa, Malaysia
PID179 Usability Evaluation Factors in Acquiring Knowledge through Mobile E-Book Applications by Visually Impaired Users
Munya Saleh Ba Matraf, Nor Laily Hashim and Azham Hussain, Yemen
PID180 Exploring the significance of IoT-Enabled Health Monitoring and Assistive Systems for Elderly NCD Patients in Malaysia
Chinnasamy Malarvizhi and Shamima Raihan Manzoor, Malaysia
PID181 Towards Central Repository Design for Domain of Interlocking Institutional Worlds: Successful Collaboration Starts with a Sharing Platform
Mohd Ismawira Mohd Ismail, Nor Hidayati Zakaria, Mohammad Nazir Ahmad and Kamarul Faizal Hashim, Malaysia
PID182 Verification of an Integrated Computational Model of Self-Efficacy, Motivation and Anxiety for a Human Mental State
Naseer Sanni Ajoge, Azizi Ab Aziz and Shahrul Azmi Mohd Yusof, Nigeria
PID183 Agile Approach and Adaptability into Complex Environment Management and Operation: A Case of Malaysia Battlement Against Covid-19
Mohamad Firdaus Mat Saad and Aliza Abdul Latif, Malaysia
PID184 Design and Development of Quranic Parables Information System: A Web based System for Understanding Quran Verses
Shakir Zufayri Osman, Shafinah Farvin Packeer Mohamed and Syed Sultan Bee Packeer Mohamed, Malaysia
PID185 WasteBOT: Conceptual Design of Smart Bin and Web Service for IoT Waste Management System
Manmeet Mahinderjit Singh, Wong Khang Siang, Nor Saralyna Azwa Kamaruddin, Muhammad Rafie Mohd Arshad, Mohd Halim Mohd Noor and Nur Intan Raihana Ruhaiyem, Malaysia
PID186 System Dynamics Model for Financial Management Among University Students
Che Rohayu Darlynie Che Mohd Khalid, Hasimah Sapiri, Masnita Misiran and Zahayu Md Yusof, Malaysia
PID187 The Development of an e-Driver: Creating Awareness of Ethics in Driving via Game-Based Learning
Muhammad Syafiq Saharudin, Ismassabah Ismail, Norzilah Musa, Zainab Othman and Nurul Hidayah Mat Zain, Malaysia
PID188 Strengthening Curriculum Structure of Software Engineering Programme
Yanti Rosmunie Bujang, Wang Hui Hui, Nurfauza Jali, Tan Ping Ping, Edwin Mit, Azman Bujang Masli, Cheah Wai Shiang, Abdul Rahman Mat, Norazian binti Mohamad Hamdan, Mohamad Johan bin Ahmad Khiri, Wee Bui Lin, Eaqerzilla Phang and Mohamad Asyraf bin Khairuddin, Malaysia
PID189 Perception and Usage of Cloud Storage for E-learning in University of Samarra Staff during the period of Covid-19 pandemic: A Pilot Study
Omar Hamid Flayyih and Husam Abdulhameed Hussein, Iraq
PID190 Developing an Evaluation Framework for Immersive Learning Experiences for Software Engineering Project Course
Nurfauza Jali, Norazian Mohamad Hamdan, Cheah Wai Shiang and Suriati Khartini Jali, Malaysia
PID191 A systematic literature review: The conceptual of educational game design with augmented reality
Irma Shayana Samaden, Ibrahim Ahmad, Mohd Edzwan Zahri, Sazilah Salam and Ismahafezi Ismail, Malaysia
PID192 Automated Fish Egg Counting System using Image Processing
Nor Hazlyna Harun, Nooraini Yusof, Mohamad Ghozali Hassan and Maizatul Fatihah binti Mohd Salleh, Malaysia
PID197 Knowledge Sharing on the Acceptance of Smart Waste Management System: Moderating Effects of Local Cultures
Mohd Khairul Maswan Mohd Redzuan, Norshita Mat Nayan, Mohammad Nazir Ahmad and Nor Hazila Mohd Zain, Malaysia
PID198 The Current Practices and Required Knowledge for Non-Functional Requirements Elicitation in Agile Context: A Pilot Study in Jordan
Mohammed Saleh, Fauziah Baharom, Farvin Packeer Mohamed and Aniza Mohamed Din, Malaysia
PID200 Personal Knowledge Acquisition: Do Educators Acquire New Knowledge during the Movement Control Order?
Dewi Izzwi Abdul Manan, Kalsom Salleh, Jamaliah Said and Muhamad Nizam Jali, Malaysia
PID201 Route Planning Mobile Application in Transportation Management
Ong Xun Sheng, Yuhanis Yusof and Norliza Katuk, Malaysia
PID202 Defining Core Knowledge Elements of Adaptive Augmented Reality (A2R) through Conceptual Model Analysis
Norshuhada binti Shiratuddin and Tehn Hock Kuan, Malaysia
PID203  E-Waste Recycling Awareness in Young Adults in Malaysia: An Interactive Courseware
Musyrifah Mahmod, Lee Angie, Emy Ezura A Jalil and Nor Farzana Abd Ghani, Malaysia
PID205 Fight against Phishing Attacks among Internet Banking User: A Knowledge Management Technique
Fadare Olusolade Aribake and Zahurin Mat Aji, Malaysia
PID206 Automated Feedback Generation for Automatic Programming Assessment: Its Conceptual and Initial Analysis of Mapping Studies
Ahmed Abdulsalam Abdulmajeed Al-Athwari and Rohaida Romli, Malaysia
PID208 Automated Garment Measurement Prototype: A Contactless Means
Nor Iadah Yusop and Shubashini A/P Thinagaran, Malaysia
PID209 The Design and User Acceptance of IoT-based Access and Entrance Control System Using Voice Recognition
Ling Zhong Li, Mohd Samsu Sajat, Yuhanis Yusof, Yousef Fazea and Harja Santana Purba, Malaysia