Organized by: School of Computing, CAS UUM
Knowledge Science Towards Social Harmonisation
9th Knowledge Management
International Conference (KMICe)
25-27 July 2018 | Miri, Sarawak, MALAYSIA Knowledge Science Towards Social Harmonisation
9th Knowledge Management
International Conference (KMICe)
25-27 July 2018 | Miri, Sarawak, MALAYSIA Knowledge Science Towards Social Harmonisation
9thKnowledge Management
International Conference (KMICe)
25-27 July 2018 | Miri, Sarawak, MALAYSIA
All accepted papers will be published in the conference proceedings. KMICe 2018 proceedings will be submitted for indexing by Web of Science.


KMICe2018 proceeding is now available online (Click here)


Tentative Schedule (Download Complete Presentation Schedule)
List of Accepted Papers
Call for paper (Poster)
Submission guideline


Prof. Dr. Meliha Handzic Download
Dr. Frank J. Peter Download
Prof. Dr. Mohamad Fauzan Noordin Download


Organized by:

School of Computing, CAS UUM

Supporting Partner:

SARAWAK Convention Bureau

Gurteen Knowledge Cafe

About KMICe


Knowledge as an intellectual capital has become an important asset to any nation nowadays. As knowledge is a valuable resource that allows the nation to function intelligently, communities are constantly encouraged to use the brainpower to complement the rapid development of Information Technology (IT) which is a vital tool for generating and managing knowledge. Realizing its importance, Knowledge Management International Conference (KMICe) will once again provide a platform for international presentation of research findings as well as discussions and sharing of recent advances in the field. This conference will bring together leading researchers and developers in a wide variety of areas, with a common interest in improving the state of the art of knowledge management (KM). This conference will also bring together people from the academia and industry to establish closer cooperation and ties, and creation of K-based society.

UUMAs a management university, Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM) has initiated the platform in organizing a conference of this nature. KM has been accepted as a major driving force that drives the global economy. K-economy is at the paramount of the global discussion and most of nation leaders including this region are pushing this knowledge-based economy so they do not left behind.

Regions within the Indonesia-Malaysia-Thailand Growth Triangle (IMT-GT) should take this opportunity to learn and be better equipped so that KM can be implemented to promote a win-win situation among the participating countries with respect to economic growth.


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KMICe 2018 official venue and hotel:

Pullman Miri Waterfront
Lot 1347 Waterfront Commercial Centre
98000 Miri, Sarawak, MALAYSIA

T.+(6)085 323 888 F.+(6)085 323 999

Special rate for KMICe's participants, for booking please contact: Mrs Suriatty Sani (+6016-8639526).

Location on Google Map

The Keynotes

Keynote 1 Download

"Knowledge Management: Between Expectations and Reality"

PROF. DR. MELIHA HANDZIC is currently Professor of Management and Information Systems at the International Burch University, Sarajevo. Previously, she held academic positions at the University of New South Wales in Sydney and Sarajevo School of Science and Technology. She also was a visiting and adjunct professor at various universities in Australia and Asia. Meliha received her PhD in Information Systems from the University of New South Wales, Sydney where she was Inaugural Leader of the Knowledge Management Research Group (kmRg). Meliha�s main teaching and research interests lie in the area of knowledge management with a particular focus on the processes and socio-technological enablers of knowledge creation, sharing, retention and discovery. She has published widely on these topics in books, journals and conference proceedings. A full list of her research projects and publications is available at ResearchGate: Presently, Meliha is an active member of several professional societies and groups including IAKM and IFIP, Regional editor of Knowledge Management Research & Practice and serves on editorial boards, executive and program committees for numerous international journals and conferences. She is also a recipient of the KM Leadership Award in 2014. Prior to joining academia, Meliha was International Expert in Information Systems for the United Nations Development Programme in Asia and Africa. She also had a wide ranging industrial experience in Europe.

Prof. Dr. Meliha Handzic

Professor of Management and Information Systems at the International Burch University, SARAJEVO

Keynote 2 Download

"Critical Digital Marketing Trends for 2018 and Beyond - How to stay relevant"

DR. FRANK J. PETER is the Principal of AsiaTraining and the Managing Director FJP Marketing Sdn. Bhd., the parent company of Frank, who has lived in South East Asia for over 21 years, has over the last seven years made Malaysia his home. He holds a Ph.D. in Science, and he also has a business background. He has many years experience in Online Marketing, in fact he learned the ropes from doing this as a hobby, until he finally quit his well paying job at the National University of Singapore (NUS) to do this full time.  Frank is a registered Google-certified Educator, a certified trainer (certified by HRDF/PSMB (license number TTT/16231) and by the Singapore Institute of Management, SIM), and he has undergone many specialist training courses, including courses from the National University of Singapore (NUS) and Harvard University. He is also a certified Google AdWords Professional, Google Analytics Certified Individual, Google Online Professional, Microsoft Accredited Bing Ads Professional and is Google Certified in Mobile Advertising. The most recent eCommerce companies he started are which sells golf equipment online to customers all over Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei, and which sells health products.

Dr. Frank J. Peter

Principal of AsiaTraining, Managing Director FJP Marketing Sdn. Bhd., MALAYSIA, and Associate Faculty, Othman Yeop Abdullah Graduate School of Business, UUM

Keynote 3 Download

"Social Media and Knowledge Management the Disruptive Technology"

PROF. DR. MOHAMAD FAUZAN NOORDIN is a Professor of Information Systems (Business Informatics), International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM), MALAYSIA.

Prof. Dr. Mohamad Fauzan Noordin

Professor of Information Systems (Business Informatics), International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM), MALAYSIA

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Tentative Schedule (Download Complete Presentation Schedule)

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List of Accepted Papers

  1. A Case Research On Web-Based Process Change And Operational Excellence In Tourism Industry
  2. A Dynamic Replica Creation and Eviction Mechanism based on files dependencies in a Federated Grid Environment
  3. A Measurement Model of Information Sharing in E-Government Services: A Case Study of Kedah, Malaysia
  4. A Model for Characterizing Knowledge Utilization in Verifying Successful Knowledge Transfer
  5. A Review of Requirement Prioritization Techniques in Agile Software Development
  6. A Study On The Factors That Influence Readiness Of Internet Of Things (IoT) Adoption
  7. A Systematic Literature Review on Agile Requirements Engineering
  8. Adoption of Agent-mediated Knowledge Management to Increase Social Presence in Digital Community
  9. Age Classification of the Existing Digital Game Content Rating System across the World: A Comparative Analysis
  10. AK Tourism: A Property Graph Ontology-based Tourism Recommender System
  11. An Analysis of Comparison on Weighted AHP for Improving Supplier Selection in IT Outsourcing
  12. An Overview of Information Visualization for Malay Poetry Studies
  13. Analysing the Role of Religious Education: Changes in Personality Wellbeing among People Affected by Flood Disaster
  14. Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP) for Knowledge Integration
  15. Assessing decision factors for house purchasing (needs vs. preferences) from case study of first-time potential homebuyers in Klang Valley: Towards technology-mediated individual decision aid
  16. Assessment on Knowledge Level of Personnel Involved in Stamp Duty Valuation Using Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP)
  17. Casual Dining Restaurant Queue Management System To Optimize Decision Making in Table Seating Arrangement
  18. Classification of Cervical Cancer Using Ant-Miner for Medical Expertise Knowledge Management
  19. Cloud-Based Early Warning System for Forest Fire using IoT Techniques
  20. Conceptual Approach of Developing A Courseware to Educate Schoolchildren in Raising Resilence Towards Flood Disaster
  21. Conceptual Guidelines for Low Cost Terminal (LCT) Development Model
  22. Conceptual Knowledge Of Road Transport Information System: An Airport Road Access Wayfinding Model
  23. Contemporary Applications of Teaching Pedagogy for Tamil Kindergarten using Sustainable Practices
  24. Cybernetic Diagnosis Method For Publication Productivity of a Malaysian Research University
  25. Data Vizualization for Computer Inventory
  26. Design and Implementation of A Tool to Integrate Automated Test Data Generation and Automatic Programming Assessment
  27. Development of Lean Tacit Knowledge during Lean Implementation in a Manufacturing Company
  28. Disruptive Innovation Service Oriented Framework: A Case Study of Transportation in Indonesia
  29. Does female are more feminine and male are more masculine? Its relevancy towards conspicuous consumption behaviour.
  30. Education as Moderator to Knowledge Consumers in Creating Awareness of Halal Food Consumption
  31. Empirical Study of Agile Methodologies and Quality Management Success factor in Pakistani Software Industries
  32. Enhancing Sustainable Performance through Green Supply Chain Management Practices: A Study of Malaysian Manufacturing Firms
  33. Experience in Developing A Courseware to Inculcate Awareness Towards Disaster Risk Reduction Among Schoolchildren
  34. Exploring Meaningful Concepts of Al-Baqarah Chapter Using Text Mining Approach
  35. Feature Selection and Ensemble Meta Classifier for Multiclass Imbalance Data Learning
  36. Impact of Reward And Recognition On Employee Motivation in Local Creative Industry
  37. Impact of Software Refactoring on Software Quality in the Industrial Environment: A Review of Empirical Studies
  38. Information-Seeking Behaviour Model of International Students� Use of Social Media
  39. Initial Infrastructure for Knowledge Grid Model to facilitate knowledge sharing in Big Data Environment
  40. Integrating Fuzzy Expert System and Scoring System for Safety Performance Evaluation of Offshore Oil and Gas Platforms in Malaysia
  41. Investigating The Adoption of Knowledge Management in a Non-Governmental Organization in Malaysia
  42. Knowledge Integration Framework : A Systematic Review
  43. Knowledge Management Practices and Generic Competitive Strategy in Knowledge-Based SMEs
  44. Labeling Schemes to Support Dynamic Updates on XML Trees: A Technical Review
  45. Leading Change, Internal Communication And Change Management In The University Environment
  46. Model-driven Elicitation of Ontology Pragmatics for Evolving Critical System
  47. Motivation towards Behavior Modification in Electrical Consumption
  48. On Measuring the Contextual Relevance of Research Paper Recommendation Systems
  49. Ontology Extraction Utilising Augmented Direct Mapping for Movies Data Representation
  50. Optimizing the Management of Knowledge Assets using Swarm Intelligence
  51. Project Knowledge Retention in Social Messaging Application
  52. Psychometric Analysis of the Factors Modeling Islamic Moderation Among Malaysian University Students
  53. QR Tag based Verification Method for Smart IoT Applications
  54. Quality Factors of Test Cases: A Systematic Literature Review
  55. Redesigning of PefaMallTM: The E-commerce Website
  56. Repository of Biodiversities� Research Data
  57. Requirements and Design Strategies of Chronic Disease Mobile Applications
  58. Should I Intervene? The Case of Cyberbullying on Celebrities from the Perspective of the Bystanders
  59. Smart Tailor Business Model Canvas of Garment Industry in Digital Society
  60. SMART TOILET: An IoT Implementation for Optimization of Resources
  61. Social media influencer and cyberbullying: A lesson learned from preliminary findings
  62. Software Process Assessment and Certification: The Reference Standard and Weight Determination using QFD-AHP
  63. Sustainable Development of Smart Cites: A Qualitative Research Design
  64. The Effect of Airport Road Information Systems on Senior Drivers Wayfinding Design
  65. The Impact of Enhanced Communication Requirement and other Determinants on Audit Fees
  66. The Impact Of Social Media Technology On Green Building Design
  67. The Importance of Logistical Factors In Online Shopping Behaviour
  68. The Importance of Social Networking and Interpersonal Trust for Tacit Knowledge Sharing
  69. The Relationship between Social Media Addiction and Academic Performance based on Personality Characteristics
  70. The Role of Outsourcing in Service Management and Business Process: Optimization Drives Competitive Advantages
  71. The role of subjective norms in the relationship between personal values, organizational climate and knowlege sharing behavior
  72. The Switching of Learning Management System (LMS): A Case Study on UUM Online Learning Acceptance
  73. Together We Are Stronger: Examining Virtual Leadership behavior towards knowledge sharing in Online Programming Communities
  74. Transformational Leadership, Knowledge Management, Entrepreneurial Orientation and Organisational Excellence in Nigerian Heis: A Multigroup Analysis
  75. Transforming mathematical model into agent-oriented model and simulation through requirement engineering: A preliminary result
  76. Types of Knowledge Involved in a Stamp Duty Valuation Process
  77. Urgent Need for CSR in Bangladesh with an Emphasis on Environmental Issues
  78. Usability Dimensions for Chronic Disease Mobile Applications: A Systematic Literature Review

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Malaysia 1st Oil Grand Old Lady located at Canada Hill
The largest Taoist Temple in Southeast Asia �San Chin Tien�
Miri City Fan- a word class urban civic park
Lutong Town-home to Sarawak Shell and Petronas Carigali
Miri Heritage Centre-handicraft and souvenirs shop
Tamu Muhibbah the local and native market
Coco Cabana Sea Horse Light House
Iban Long House Tour

Adult: RM200.00/PAX
Children (2-11 years): RM140.00/PAX
Children (below2 years): free

NIAH FULL DAY TOUR ( 27 July 2018 )

The Attractions: Niah National Park begins - crossing Sungai Niah in a motorized boat - 3km plank walk to the entrance of Niah Caves - West Mouth of the Great Cave where 40,000 years old skulls was excavated ('belian' poles were erected to the roof by the bord's nest collectors) - Moon Cave a shaft of sunlight shines through an opening at the roof of the cave - Painted Cave where Borneo's only red haematic paintings, at least 1,000 yers old - Great Cave climb a 120 steps wooden ladder and emerge in the eastern end of the cave.

Adult: RM200.00/PAX
Children (2-11 years): RM140.00/PAX
Children (below2 years): free

FOR RESERVATION (latest by 26 July 2018)

Person in charge: Mohd Samsu Bin Sajat | Whatsapp: 017-2330373 (SAM)
State your details: 1. NAME 2. WHATSAPP NO. 3. NO. OF PAX
Payment by cash only (during registration)

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The Team

Working Committee

Vice Cancellor, Universiti Utara Malaysia

Prof. Dr. Huda Ibrahim and Prof. Dr. Norshuhada Shiratuddin

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Fauziah Baharom

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Yuhanis Yusof

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Haslina Mohd

Aniza Mohamed Din

Nor Iadah Yusop, Dr. Siti Mahfuzah Sarif, Dr. Sobihatun Nur Ab Salam, Dr. Azizi Aziz, Mawarny Binti Md. Rejab

Prof. Dr. Norshuhada Shiratuddin, Prof. Dr. Shahizan Hassan, Dr. Nor Laily Hashim

Wan Hussain Wan Ishak, Dr. Rahayu Ahmad, Musyrifah Mahmod

Suwannit Chareen Chit Sop Chit , Mohd Samsu Sajat

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Fauziah Baharom, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Yuhanis Yusof, Dr. Mazida Ahmad, Dr. Rohaida Romli, Dr. Shafinah Farvin Packeer Mohamed

Promotion Arrangement Committee

Mr. Mohd Helmy Abd Wahab (UTHM)
Dr Suraya Binti Hamid (UM)
Dr. Badariah Solemon (UNITEN)
Asst. Prof. Dr. Azlin Nordin (IIUM)
Dr. Samry @ Shamrie Sainin (UMS)
Prof. Madya Dr. Marzanah A. Jabar (UPM)
Dr. Nik Zulkarnaen Bin Khidzir (UMK)
Dr. Hibo Bosim Alwon Al-Duloimi (Al-Mansour University College, IRAQ)
Dr. Abdullah Husin (Universitas Islam Indragiri, Indonesia)
Dr. Siti Sarah Maidin (Asia Pacific University of Technology & Innovation (APU))

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Call for Paper


Knowledge Science Towards Social Harmonisation

KMICe2018 invites full-paper submissions, which may address theoretical, methodological or practical aspects related to Knowledge Management and should revolve around the above theme (papers not explicitly addressing the theme are also welcomed).

Topics of interest:

  • Knowledge Creation
  • Knowledge Acquisition, Processing, and Management Strategy
  • Data Transfer and Knowledge Sharing
  • Knowledge Modeling and Virtualization
  • Knowledge Management Measurement and Evaluation
  • Knowledge Processing Support and Mechanisms
  • Knowledge Management Theories and Practices
  • Knowledge Management Principles and Tools
  • Tools and Technology for Knowledge Management
  • Knowledge Management through Wireless Infrastructure
  • The Process of Managing Knowledge Management Project
  • Knowledge Identification, Clustering and Discovery
  • Knowledge Management Systems
  • Knowledge Management (KM) and Event Processing (EP)
  • Knowledge Semantics Processing and Ontology
  • A Case Study on Knowledge Management
  • Current Trends of Knowledge Management
  • Methodology in Knowledge Management
  • Knowledge Workers
  • Sustainable Social Innovation
  • Knowledge-Based System
  • Events-Based Knowledge, News and Social Media
  • Prediction or Aspect-Based Semantic Analysis
  • Content Management
  • Business Process Reengineering and Visualization
  • Performance and Operation in Knowledge Management
  • The Usage of Software in Corporative Environment
  • Decision Support System
  • Intelligent Information System
  • The Issues of Culture Variety and Cross-Culture
  • Issues, Challenges and Constraints in K-Era
  • K-Economy, K-Community and K-Enterprise
  • E-Learning, E-Training and Executive Training
  • Artificial Intelligence towards Knowledge Creation
  • Software Engineering towards Knowledge Creation
  • Quality Management towards Knowledge Creation
  • All accepted papers will be published in a conference proceedings (ISSN 0128-0511). The proceedings will be submitted for indexing in WOS.

    Important Date

    Full Paper
    : 30 April 2018
    1 March 2018
    Notification of
    : 30 May 2018
    Camera Ready : 31st May 2018 5th July 2018
    Payment Deadline
    : 2 July 2018 5th July 2018
    Conference Date : 25-27 July 2018

    Important Date

    Full Paper
    : 30 April 2018
    1 March 2018
    Notification of
    : 30 May 2018
    Camera Ready : 31st May 2018 5th July 2018
    Payment Deadline
    : 2 July 2018 5th July 2018
    Conference Date : 25-27 July 2018

    Submission (CLOSED)

    Click for Guideline
    For enquiry (

    Poster (Download)

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    Paper Submission (CLOSED)

    Format of Paper Submission

    Paper should be written in English within 6 pages using the paper format stated below. Each additional page will be charged MYR100/USD25 per page (maximum additional 2 pages). All submissions are subjected to a double blind review process. The double blind review is a normal standard practice applies in many conferences. The main reason is to conceal the identity of the authors to the reviewers in order to avoid any bias judgement during the reviewing process.

    The following are several guidelines for preparing a double blind paper:

    • In the place of the authors� names on the front page, please do not put authors details.
    • Avoid from referring to your university, campus or faculty by name, use generalities.
    • Please avoid statement like �In the previous work, we..�
    • Please omit the acknowledgment section. This section can be added in the final version of your paper.

    Submissions containing any of these information will be returned for modification or they will be edited by the reviewer committee by removing the author identification. Once you have received the acceptance notification from the reviewer committee, you can always add the above information in your paper.

    Format of Paper Guideline (in example)

    doc docx
    doc docx

    How to Submit

    Authors can submit their papers through one of the following methods:

    Online Online Submission (CLOSED)
    Click here to submit your paper (CLOSED)

    Paper Template

    Use these template to prepare your article.

    doc docx
    doc docx

    Use this template to prepare your Camera Ready article.

    Click here to submit your
    Camera Ready (CR) paper
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    All accepted papers will be published in a conference proceedings (ISSN 0128-0511). The proceedings will be submitted for indexing in WOS.


    ISI Web of Science (WOS)
    Google Scholar
    UUM Repository

    Previous Proceedings

    KMICe 2016 (ISBN 978-967-0910-19-2, eISBN 978-967-0910-20-8, ISSN 0128-0511)
    KMICe 2014 (ISBN 978-983-2078-92-0, eISBN 978-983-2078-93-7)
    KMICe 2012 (ISBN 978-983-2078-65-4)
    KMICe 2010 (ISBN 978-983-2078-39-5, eISBN 978-983-2078-40-1)
    KMICe 2008 (ISBN 978-983-3827-72-5, eISBN 978-983-3827-73-2)
    KMICe 2006 (ISBN 983-3282-90-3)
    KMICe 2004 (ISBN 983-2865-90-5)

    Journal Publication

    ALL accepted papers will be invited to submit an extended version for journal publication (SCOPUS indexed or refereed):

    Journal of Information and Communication Technology (JICT) ISSN: 1675-414X EISSN: 2180-3862 (SCOPUS, EBSCOhost, Malaysian Citation Index (MyCite) and DOAJ (Directory of Open Access Journals))
    International Journal of Supply Chain Management (IJSCM) ISSN: 2051-3771 EISSN: 2050-7399 (SCOPUS)
    International Journal of Business Information Systems (IJBIS) ISSN : 1746-0972 (SCOPUS)
    Journal of Engineering Science & Technology ISSN: 1823-4690 (SCOPUS & ESCI)
    World Applied Sciences Journal (WASJ) ISSN: 1818-4952 EISSN: 1991-6426 (ERRA)
    Journal of Technology Management and Business (JTMB) ISSN: 2289-7224 (MyCite)
    International Journal of Advanced and Applied Sciences ISSN: 2313-626X (Refereed)
    Advances in Science, Technology and Engineering Systems Journal (ASTESJ) ISSN: 2415-6698 (Refereed)


    ISI Web of Science (WOS)
    Google Scholar
    UUM Repository

    Previous proceedings

    KMICe 2016
    ISBN 978-967-0910-19-2
    eISBN 978-967-0910-20-8
    ISSN 0128-0511
    KMICE2014 KMICE2012
    KMICe 2014
    ISBN 978-983-2078-92-0
    eISBN 978-983-2078-93-7
    KMICe 2012
    ISBN 978-983-2078-65-4
    KMICE2010 KMICE2008
    KMICe 2010
    ISBN 978-983-2078-39-5
    eISBN 978-983-2078-40-1
    KMICe 2008
    ISBN 978-983-3827-72-5
    eISBN 978-983-3827-73-2
    KMICE2006 KMICE2004
    KMICe 2006
    ISBN 983-3282-90-3
    KMICe 2004
    ISBN 983-2865-90-5
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    Fee & Registration

    Malaysian International
    MYR2,000.00 USD600.00
    Additional paper MYR1,500.00 USD600.00
    Extra pages MYR100.00/ page USD25.00/ page

    Authors must make the payment by 30 April 2018 or your article will not be published in the proceedings.

    • Standard rate registration fees (participants & presenters) include conference admission, conference set (e-proceedings and materials), lunches and refreshments.
    • Each presenter (author) is allowed to register for only ONE additional paper and will receive only one set of conference materials.
    • Accommodation fee is not included. You have to arrange for your own accommodation.
    • No refund for withdrawal made after 30 April 2018. A management fee of 6% from the total fee will be charged for refund made before or by 30 April 2018.

    How to Pay

    Important: Please forward a scanned copy of the bank slip/telegraphic transfer receipt to KMICe'2018 Secretariat ( and cc to or by fax to +604 9285067 for us to verify the transaction. Please kindly write down the participant's name, date and time of the transfer and country & city of origin.

    For Local Participants/Presenters:-

    Payment must be made in Malaysian Ringgit (MYR).

    Banker�s cheques
    All cheques must be made out to "Universiti Utara Malaysia".

    Bank Transfer
    Transfer should be made to the following account:

    • Account No: 0209 301000 0010
    • Bank Name: Bank Islam Malaysia Berhad (UUM Branch)
    • Name (Account Holder): Universiti Utara Malaysia

    Online Payment

    • Go to
    • Follow the instruction given. Credit cards (only Mastercard or Visa) are accepted.
    • The amount of payment is in Malaysian Ringgit (MYR).
    • Please select the option "OTHER PAYMENTS- specify details in description".
    • Please indicate the description "KMICe 2018 (your paper ID)".

    Local Order
    If you are using a local order, please provide us:

    • Name of the officer in-charge
    • Full address of the officer in-charge
    • A Guarantee Letter (GL) from the department
    For International Participants/Presenters:-

    Payment must be made in US Dollars.
    Telegraphic Transfer :-

    • Account No: 0209 301000 0010
    • Bank Name: Bank Islam Malaysia Berhad (UUM Branch)
    • Name (Account Holder): Universiti Utara Malaysia

    Online Payment (Credit card only)

    • Go to
    • Follow the instruction given. Credit cards (only Mastercard or Visa) are accepted.
    • The amount of payment is in Malaysian Ringgit (MYR) and must be equivalent to the total fee in USD.
    • Please select the option "OTHER PAYMENTS- specify details in description".
    • Please indicate the description "KMICe 2018 (your paper ID)".

    Upon receiving the registration form and full payment, the Conference Secretariat will send a letter of confirmation.


    Malaysian International
    MYR2,000.00 USD600.00
    Additional paper MYR1,500.00 USD500.00
    Extra pages MYR100.00/ page USD25.00/ page

    Payment Method



    Registration Form
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